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CROC® fixed coatings ex works

Excellent workmanship and high-quality materials for the tough day-to-day use

Expertise pays off! Europe's leading fork manufacturer VETTER has more than 25 years of experience and competence of ForkCoating. The advantages of using permanently coated forks are confirmed by customers in all industries.

Specific solution? No problem. Whether two-colored or multi-colored coatings for determining the depth entry, impact and collision protection in the fork back or FDA-certified coatings especially for the food industry – VETTER offers the right material for your ForkCoating!

The collision protection at the fork tip additionally ensures a long service life of the coating and is standard at VETTER forks.

CROC® helped us perfectly to make the transport as safe as possible. This is particularly important because we work with sensitive goods every day. We are positively surprised!

- Jozef G., forklift driver -

Product features

Polyurethane - made in Germany

High-tech special adhesive for permanent coating

Equipped collision protection at the fork tip

Resistance to oils, acids, chemicals and solvents

Long lifetime

1000-fold approved in practice

High abrasion and cut resistance

Competence of Europe’s No 1 fork manufacturer

Temperature and weather resistant

ForkCoatings – versatile and individual

Noise reduction when transporting steel plates
CROC® "red unprofiled"

SpecialForks with CROC® coating red as collision protection in the fork back

Food industry
CROC® "blau unprofiled"

Protection of the transported goods
CROC® "Spray Coating"

Slip resistance in wet situations
CROC® "GripFix black"

High slip resistance
CROC® "gelb profiled"

Your application - our solution

If you have a specific application, we will look for a suitable ForkCoating!

Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right CROC® ForkCoating for your application.


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